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TL;DR Use professionals. Be open to advice. Don’t be afraid of change.


The difference between having a professional or an amateur doing your project for you is astounding. Don’t fall into the trap of hiring someone with very little knowledge of the industry, a cheap and quick turn-around that will end up costing you a lot more.


Our skilled and experience driven services offers you knowledge of current industry trends, creation of products that are functional and beautiful, and of course a seasoned outlook when giving advice on the projects our clients decide to take on for their businesses.


Creative people live for what they do. We deliver the best products we are able to and strive for a good client service experience each time, this is why we have so many happy clients. Your business doesn’t need another wild card that can’t be vouched for. That’s where we come in.

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We create how the world sees your company, what your Clients see. The way your business looks, the way your brand translates, the way you feel when you see it. It’s a visual adventure, making you proud of how your company presents itself.

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Over the last 18+ years, we’ve accumulated a staggering amount of artwork and great jobs that we’ve been a part of. Our portfolio showcases our design capabilities and our creative style.

AtticSalt’s Portfolio shows our main creative’s design skills, while not only working as AtticSalt, but for other design agencies between the years 2010 – 2019. Some of the larger brands (such as FNB and Nedbank) are not AtticSalt’s Clients, but rather businesses that our Director has worked with through other agencies in the past.

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Want something designed? Or maybe something printed? No? What about registering a domain or create a website? Well, we do all of that, and more!

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Do not be afraid of change. Variety has always been the spice of life. Monotony on the other hand, should terrify you.

Magriet Perold

DIRECTOR, AtticSalt (Pty) Ltd.

Mail  hello(at)atticsalt.co.za

WhatsApp Only  (+27) 61 538 0336