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Over the last 18+ years, we’ve accumulated a staggering amount of artwork and great jobs that we’ve been a part of. Our portfolio showcases our design capabilities and our creative style.

AtticSalt’s Portfolio shows our main creative’s design skills, while not only working as AtticSalt, but for other design agencies between the years 2010 – 2019. Some of the larger brands (such as FNB and Nedbank) are not AtticSalt’s Clients, but rather businesses that our Director has worked with through other agencies in the past.


Visual Identity Design

Your brand consists of the relationship between your company and your clients. A brand identity is how your company convey its personality, emotions, and experiences. As visual identity graphic designers, we possess general knowledge of all types of graphic design to create artwork that is suitable across all visual media.


Marketing & Advertising

When we design marketing and advertising projects, we make sure we have constant communication with our Clients, constantly problem-solving and managing our time. We are well versed in production for print and online environments.


Websites, UI, & Digital

User Interface (UI) design focuses on the user’s visual experience and the design of digital elements like buttons, menus, and more. At AtticSalt you can always expect a good balance of visual appeal and technical functionality.


Print Design

We also specialise in publications, designing layouts with carefully selected typography and streamlined artwork. When you hear the term publication design, think about books, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, annual reports, etc. Digital publishing is becoming more and more popular as it’s easier to distribute internationally online.


Signage Design

Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) embraces many design disciplines including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design. It’s especially focussed the visual aspects of wayfinding – signage to communicate your brand and information.

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